Choir Forum

The Choir Forum is a venue for discussions and for performances for instance by the Bass Choir assembled by Tuukka Haapaniemi. There are stands with information on various choral organisations and publishers selling sheet music. The Choir Forum open Stage is open to all ensembles.

Thursday 15 June

17.00 AORA is interviewed by Jussi Chydenius (in English)
17.30 Feel the Festival: Chorus Iuvenalis & Chorus Iucundus

Friday 16 June

9.30–10 Sulasol: meet Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
13–15 Meet MunKuoro/MinKör at their info desk
15–16 Panel discussion: Gender Diversity in Choirs (in Finnish)
17–17.50 Panel discussion: Interaction between composer and choir (in English)

Saturday 17 June

9–9.30 Sulasol: meet Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
11–13 Meet MunKuoro/MinKör at their info desk
11.30–12 Feel the festival: Bass Choir
12–12.30 Feel the Festival: Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä
12-13 Sulasol: interview with Jussi Chydenius
14.30–15 Edition Tilli: interview with Kari Rydman
15–16 Panel discussion: Increasingly multicultural choirs (in Finnish)

Sunday 18 June

In rainy weather, the Choir Picnic programme will be held at Choir Forum

In the photo: The Laulajat male choir performing at Choir Forum in 2019.


The Choir Forum is open according to the festival programme in Tampere Hall.


Puhtaasti project(Thu–Sun)
MunKuoro network (Thu–Sun)
Suomen Naiskuoroliitto (Sat–Sun)
FSSMF/ MinKör (DUNK) (Fri–Sat)
Suomen Työväen Musiikkiliitto (Thu–Sun)
Yhteiskustannus/ Suomen Kirkkomusiikkiliitto (Fri–Sat)
Choralworks.fi (Fri–Sun)
Edition Tilli (Thu–Sun)
Nuotin vierellä – rautalankaa laulamisesta (Thu–Fri, Sun)
Choirs for Ecocide Law (Thu–Sun) 
Minun ääneni project (Thu–Sun)