Chorus Review

The rules of the Chorus Review 2025 have been published

Queens of Qoro Quando (FI), 2019

Chorus Review 2025

The International Chorus Review is the mainstay of the festival, lasting three days. At the concluding concert, the jury will distribute a total of 10,000 € in awards. The jury may also award a Grand Prix to a particularly distinguished choir. All choirs will be sent a diploma with one to three bronze, silver or gold stamps awarded by the jury, together with a written assessment from the jury, by mail after the chorus review.

All choirs performing without electronic amplification are allowed to participate in the Chorus Review, regardless of their type or size. Registration for the Chorus Review will open on 7 January 2025. You will find the rules by choosing the “participate” link below.

Jury 2025

The Chorus Review will have an international jury consisting of five members. The composition of the jury will be announced in December 2024 at the latest.

Jennifer Tham

Jennifer Tham directs the SYC Ensemble Singers (Singapore), a choir devoted to the work of living composers, and was awarded the Cultural Medallion, the nation’s highest arts accolade, for her role in shaping Singapore’s cultural landscape. She taught choral pedagogy and conducting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) and has chaired and spoken on panels at conferences and symposia in Singapore, Argentina, Denmark, Estonia and Sweden. She was Artistic Director of the Asia South Pacific Symposium on Choral Music and co-coordinates the IFCM Asia Pacific Working Committee. She represents Singapore on the World Choir Council, serving on jury at the World Choir Games and independent festivals since 2003.

Basilio Astulez

Basilio Astulez teaches Choral Singing at the Leioa Municipal Music Conservatory, where he founded the Leioa Kantika Korala children´s choir in 2000. He conducts also Vocalia Taldea choir, a multi-awarded and renowned female ensemble. As the conductor of these choirs, he has recorded 12 records and toured in Europe, America and Asia. He currently teaches Choral Conducting for educational institutions in Spain and is frequently asked to be a member of the jury for many competitions and to run choral singing courses and seminars all over the world. He also teaches Choir Conducting at the Musikene Higher Conservatory of the Basque Country since 2018 and leads EHGA, the Basque Youth Choir, recently awarded with three first prizes in the International Choral Contest of Tolosa.

Kaija Viitasalo

Kaija Viitasalo is known as a visionary in revitalising music for women’s choirs and as an accomplished music educator. She has conducted the KYN women’s choir since autumn 1989, leading the group to the cutting edge of the choral art in Finland and internationally. She received a conductor award at the Klemetti Competition in 2007 and at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival in 2011. She was awarded the golden merit badge of the Women’s Choir Association in 2018 and was named Choir Conductor of the Year by the Finnish Choir Conductors’ Association in 2021. In summer 2022, the board of the Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association (Sulasol) awarded her the Klemetti Prize. Kaija Viitasalo has been a jury member at choral and composition competitions. She is employed as a Lecturer in Music at the Viikki Teacher Training School of the University of Helsinki.

Timo Nuoranne

Timo Nuoranne has held the post of Professor of Choir Conducting at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf since 2014. He studied choir conducting at the Sibelius Academy and at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. He was Lecturer in Choir Conducting at the Department of Church Music at the Sibelius Academy from 1996 to 2014, conductor of the Finnish Radio Chamber Choir from 1997 to 2004 and conductor of the Tampere Philharmonic Chorus from 2005 to 2013. He has also previously been conductor of the Suomen Laulu mixed choir, the Jubilate chamber choir and Chamber Choir Gloria. He has appeared as guest conductor with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the Flemish Radio Choir in Belgium, the RIAS-Kammerchor in Germany and the Cappella Romana in Portland, Oregon, among others. From 2002 to 2006, he was artistic director of the Elisabeth Singers in Hiroshima, Japan.

Orla Flanagan

Orla Flanagan is Assistant Professor of Music at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She studied conducting at the Kodály Institute in Hungary and holds a doctorate from the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Orla conducts the mixed-voice choir Mornington Singers, winners of the Grand Prix at the 2019 International Baltic Sea Choir Competition in Latvia. As a conductor, Orla has also gained numerous awards at international competitions, including the MacCurtain & McSwiney Award for programming at Cork International Choral Festival on three occasions, and a special prize for interpretation at the 10th International Choral Competition, Maribor, Slovenia. Orla’s work with professional choral ensembles includes Milltown Chamber Choir, EnsemBéal, Resurgam, and the National Chamber Choir of Ireland. In 2020 Orla was appointed as Artistic Director of the Sing Ireland International Choral Conducting Summer School.


Choirs awarded with three gold stamps
Grex Musicus (Finland)
Grex Musicus (Finland)
Grex Musicus (Finland)
Kipinät (Finland)
Kipinät (Finland)
Queens of Qoro Quando (Finland)
Kipinät (Finland)
Christophorus-Kantorei (Germany)
2 gold stamps (no choirs of three gold stamps)
Christophorus-Kantorei (Germany)
Junges Consortium Berlin (Germany)
Kamarikuoro Värinä (Suomi)
Oriana (Ukraine)
Vaskivuoren lukion kamarikuoro (Finland)
Christophorus-Kantorei (Germany)
Estonian Radio Children’s Choir (Estonia)
Estonian Radio Children’s Choir (Estonia)
Spira Ensemble (Finland)
Turun konservatorion kamarikuoro (Finland)
Grand Prix: Spira Ensemble
Estonian Radio Children’s Choir (Estonia)
Musica-kuoro (Finland)
Musica-kuoro (Finland)
Spigo (Latvia)
Musica-kuoro (Finland)
Aino-kuoro (Finland)
Aino-kuoro (Finland)
Kamarikuoro Kaamos (Finland)
Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Naislaulajat (Finland)
Grand Prix: Kamarikuoro Kaamos
Aino-kuoro (Finland)
Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat (Finland)
Akademiska Sångföreningen (Finland)
Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat (Finland)
Slavonic Tractor (Finland)
Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat (Finland)
Laurus Nuorisokuoro (Suomi)
2 gold stamps (no choirs of three gold stamps):
Vox Aurea (Finland)
Akademiska damkören Lyran (Finland)
Laurus Nuorisokuoro (Finland)
Sibelius-lukion kamarikuoro (Finland)
Laurus Nuorisokuoro (Suomi)


Grex Musicus (Finland)
Grand Prix: Grex Musicus (Finland)


Vox Aurea (Finland)
Tone Tomšic (Slovenia)


Bryansk City Academic Choir (Russia)
Ljubljanski Madrigalisti (Slovenia)
Lyran (Finland)
Philomela (Finland)
Grand Prix: Philomela (Finland)


Anglo-Chinese Junior College Choir (Singapore)
Jubilate (Finland)
Grand Prix: Anglo-Chinese Junior College Choir (Singapore)


Kampin laulu (Finland)


De La Salle University Chorale (The Philippines)
Grand Prix: De La Salle University Chorale (The Philippines)


Tallinnan Vanhankaupungin poikakuoro (Estonia)
Kiimingin Kiurut (Finland)
Grand Prix: Tallinnan Vanhankaupungin poikakuoro (Estonia)


Museum Musicum (Lithuania)


Collegium Musicum (Poland)


2 gold stamps:
Jubilate (Finland)
Hyvinkään Nuorten Kamarikuoro (Finland)
Semmelweis (Hungary)


Csili (Hungary)
Polyteknikkojen Kamarikuoro (Finland)
Tallinnan Polyteknisen Instituutin Kuoro (Estonia)


Turun Konservatorion Nuorisokuoro (Finland)
Jubilate (Finland)
Norjan Radion Studiokuoro (Norway)


Eestin Tiedeakatemian Naiskuoro (Estonia)
Imatran Seurakunnan Kamarikuoro (Finland)
Jyväskylän Studiokuoro (Finland)
Kouvolan Musiikkiluokkien Kuoro (Finland)
Lahden Kamarikuoro (Finland)


Polyteknikkojen Kuoro (Finland)
Kaleva-kuoro (Estonia)
Miskolcin 6. kansakoulun musiikkiosaston kuoro (Hungary)


Tuiran Kamarikuoro (Finland)