Contest for Vocal Ensembles

SØNK (DE), 2019

Contest 2021

Known for its exciting atmosphere and its high level of quality, the Contest for Vocal Ensembles features vocal ensembles from Finland and abroad. The total prize pool is EUR 11,500. The jury will also award the Grand Prix trophy to the best ensemble in the Contest.

The 2021 Contest is jointly organised with the Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association (Sulasol), the Swedish Song and Music Association of Finland (FSSMF) and the Finnish Church Music Association. The headline sponsor for the Contest is the Kalle Kaihari Cultural Foundation.

Apply for the Contest 2023

Any ensemble of 3 to 8 singers – amateur or professional, accompanied or a cappella – may apply for the contest. Entries for the preliminary round must be received by 31 January 2023. See the rules.

Jury 2021

Chair: Jussi Chydenius (FI)
Members: Sara Brimer Davey (US), Katarina Henryson (SE), Karoliina Kantelinen (FI), Wolfram Lattke (DE)

Jussi Chydenius

Jussi Chydenius is a highly versatile musician: a bass singer, drummer and composer. He began his musical career as the drummer of Don Huonot, one of Finland’s most popular rock groups in the 1990s, and remained with the group until 2001. He is a founding member of the Rajaton vocal ensemble, which was established in 1997 and won the Contest for Vocal Ensembles in Tampere in 1999. Besides composing for Rajaton, Chydenius has written music for choirs in Finland and abroad. He has been a member of the jury of the Contest for Vocal Ensembles since 2003.

Sara Brimer Davey

Sara Brimer Davey was born in East Tennessee and studied Music Education and Music Performance at East Tennessee State University. In 2018 she received a Distinguished Alumni Award from her university for work she has done across the globe. Since moving to London to join The Swingles as high soprano in 2009 she has worked on the Sky TV show Sing: Ultimate Acapella, she has sung on the backings of over 30 films including Wonder Woman and the Hunger Games, and she has workshopped and coached vocal groups and individuals worldwide. After leaving The Swingles in 2018, Brimer Davey has continued singing and coaching and is currently living just outside of Cambridge enjoying the English village life.

Katarina Henryson

As one of the founding members of the Stockholm based a cappella group The Real Group, Katarina is known for her flexible alto voice and distinctive stage presence since 1984. Since 2017, she has been exploring sonic performance art. She was the vocal coordinator for the performance piece The Cleaner by Marina Abramovic at The Modern Museum in Stockholm. Katarina is the artistic director for the concert performance series called 360° at Eric Ericson hall, Stockholm. Within The Real Group Academy Katarina is active as a workshop-leader with models for choirs and vocal groups. From 2021, she is the conductor of the male chorus Sångsällskapet NS in Visby, Gotland. This is Katarina’s second time as a member of the Tampere jury.

Karoliina Kantelinen

Karoliina Kantelinen is a Finnish musician specialising in the folk singing styles of various countries. She is completing an artistically oriented doctorate at the Department of Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy. Her research specialities include the yoik tradition, spells and laments of Dvina Karelia. Her artistic and scientific ‘mission’ is to perform repertoire from these genres in a modern concert context, accompanying herself on 10-string to 14-string kanteles and various folk wind instruments. Karoliina performs both on her own and with a number of ensembles. In addition to her international performing career, Karoliina teaches voice at the Sibelius Academy, gives lectures on folk music and leads workshops for choirs and vocal ensembles in Finland and abroad.

Wollfram Lattke

Wolfram Lattke started his singing career as a boy chorister in two of the most renowned German boys choirs, the Dresdner Kreuzchor and Leipzig’s Thomanerchor. He then studied classical singing at the Leipzig conservatory Felix M. Bartholdy and became member of the award-winning vocal ensemble amarcord in 1995. With amarcord he founded the annual Leipzig a cappella festival in 1997. As a soloist he is known and sought after for the Baroque repertoire in all of its facets – yet due to his physically and stylistically flexible voice his ensemble repertoire is everything from Gregorian chant to jazz and pop songs. He has performed in over 60 countries all over the world collaborating with leading ensembles and conductors in the field. Besides singing Wolfram is coaching in ensemble workshops and judging in competition juries, always enjoying to consider craftsmanship and music making.


The rewarded vocal ensembles since 1989.
AORA (Sweden)
1. AORA (Sweden), Grand Prix
2. Åkervinda (Sweden)
3. Total Vocal (Israel)
4. A Capella Boğaziçi (Turkey), Les Itinérantes (France)
Audience Award: Vox Populi Project (Mexico)
AORA (Sweden)
SØNK (Denmark)
Acoustic ensembles:
1. Ensemble Nobiles (Germany)
2. Aba Taano (Uganda)
Amplified ensembles:
1. SØNK (Denmark), Grand Prix
2. Of Cabbages and Kings (Germany)
3. Kuvaja (Finland)
SØNK (Denmark)
Quintense (Germany)
Acoustic ensembles:
1. Ilo Ensemble (Finland)
2. Latvian Voices (Latvia)
3. KOR (Italy)
3. Sine Nomine (Colombia)
Amplified ensembles:
1. Quintense (Germany) – Grand Prix
2. SKETY (Czech Republic)
Quintense (Germany)
ONAIR (Germany)
Acoustic ensembles:
1. Sjaella (Germany)
2. Sekunti (Finland)
3. proMODERN (Poland)
Amplified groups:
1. ONAIR (Germany) – Grand Prix
2. Voco Novo (Taiwan)
2. Estonian Voices (Estonia)
3. The Quintessence (Georgia)
ONAIR (Germany)
Ommm (France)
1. Ommm (France) – Grand Prix
2. JazzIn Sisters (Estonia)
3. Vocal Motion Six (Namibia)
3. Taiga (Finland)
Ommm (France)
Postyr Project (Denmark)
1. Postyr Project (Denmark) – Grand Prix
2. Sonic Suite (Germany)
3. Cappella’A (Lithuania)
3. Egregor vocal (France)
Postyr Project (Denmark)
Klangbezirk (Germany)
1. Klangbezirk (Germany) – Grand Prix
2. Voz en Punto (Mexico)
3. Novy Vek (Russia)
4. Shiva Knows (The Netherlands)
Klangbezirk (Germany)
Vocaldente (Germany)
1. Vocaldente (Germany) – Grand Prix
2. Juice (United Kingdom)
3. Sound Affaire (Germany)
3. Vocado (Sweden)
Vocaldente (Germany)








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Serious music

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