Every other summer Tampere celebrates the diversity of the human voice at the festival of choral and ensemble singing. Since 1975 in the international atmosphere of the festival, old and new music, choir tradition and for instance beatboxing all coexist in harmony. The festival culminates in the finales of the Chorus Review and the Contest for Vocal Ensembles, where the atmosphere is palpable. In addition, workshops and free concerts draw audience interested in vocal music from around the world.

The Artistic Director for the 2023 edition of the festival is Kari Turunen.

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The Tampere Vocal Music Festival is based at Tampere Hall but also features performances at various other venues in the city centre of Tampere. The 2021 festival will be held online.


Requests for accreditation to the 2023 Festival will be accepted as of February 2023.

Festival in a Nutshell

This is what the Tampere Vocal Music Festival is all about.


The Tampere Vocal Music Festival features a diverse menu of interesting choirs and vocal ensembles, with a couple of surprise performers thrown in at the Festival Clubs.

Chorus Review

The Chorus Review is a non-competitive event that has formed the cornerstone of the Festival since 1975. Over the past decades, it has hosted choirs from all around the world.

Contest for Vocal Ensembles

Conceived by vocal music enthusiast Kalle Kaihari and established in 1989, the Contest for Vocal Ensembles has evolved into an event of professional quality with the potential to launch an international career for excellent vocal ensembles.

Workshops And Exhibitions

The Festival programme is complemented by workshops intended for choral singers and choir conductors and by exhibitions aimed at friends of vocal music.

Artistic Team 2021

Michael McGlynn, Artistic Director

Jussi Chydenius
Reijo Kekkonen
Timo Lehtovaara
Heikki Liimola
Inari Tilli
Sanna Valvanne