Online-festival 2021

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2021 will be organised as an online festival. The films, which are specially commissioned by the festival, will be streamed at the times mentioned in the programme above, and they will be viewable for two weeks from the premiere. All the programme is free of charge. Programme changes are reserved.

How to follow online-performances

Our festival platform is Vimeo (, and direct links to the video performances can be found on the presentation page of each artist. Each performance will be streamed at the time given, after which the recordings will be available on demand until 12.00 (UTC +3) on 24 June 2021.

During each initial performance, you may use the chat function, which will be hosted by one or more of the performers. The chat window will open automatically; you can close the chat window using the menu in the top corner. You do not need to have a Vimeo account to participate in the chat; just enter a screen name for yourself that will be visible to others in the chat. The chat function is available when using a desktop device. You can also participate in chat if you are watching on the Vimeo mobile app provided that you are logged into a Vimeo account.


The videos have subtitles in Finnish and/or English as necessary, except for the webinars, which will be given in one language only (‘Make a recording of your own’ only in Finnish; ‘Meet the Composers’ and ‘How to make a choir video’ only in English).