Grooving Choir

What do we actually mean with the word ”groove” and how can we create it? What is the difference between groove and pulse? How is our body connected to experiencing and expressing rhythm? What are ghost notes – and how is it connected to the topic? In this workshop we look into the basics of groove and how we express as vocalists.

Merzi Rajala is a Finnish rhythmic choir conducting pioneer, composer, arranger and educator specialising in popular music, including world music genres, fusions and collective improvisation. Merzi is a lecturer in the Global Music Department at the Sibelius Academy, University of Arts Helsinki, and is known as the developer for the Global Choir Leadership specialisation, looking into the leadership of collective singing from a broad cultural and aesthetic perspective. She loves playfulness, co-creation and transcultural processes and believes in choral music performed with honesty, groove and true energy. She sees choral conducting skills as a great artistic vehicle to contribute to the society and the world around us all.


Merzi Rajala, choir conductor


Photos: Leena Louhivaara, Maarit Kytöharju