Ilona Korhonen Ensemble

Piot [Feast] features a joyous banquet, based on texts from folk poetry of Finnic-Baltic peoples. The work is a feast in itself, specifically a feast for female voices.

Ilona Korhonen is a multi-talented musician specialising in folk music. Here, she has composed and arranged a work for women’s voices showcasing the vocal practices and folk poetry of Finnic peoples in the Baltic region to demonstrate the earth-shattering power of this vocal tradition. All the singers in the ensemble are professional musicians, folk singers and holders of master’s degrees and doctorates.


Hanni Autere, Juulia Björn, Charlotta Hagfors, Emilia Kallonen, Anna E. Karvonen, Amanda Kauranne, Ilona Korhonen, Emmi Kuittinen, Pia Rask, Ulla Silvennoinen, Anni Tolvanen, Mira Törmälä


Ilona Korhonen: Piot


PHOTO: Tatu Rouvinen