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Nine Ensembles Qualified for the Final

We thank all the vocal ensembles for their interest in our Contest. Below you will find the results of the qualifying round based on sound files. Nine ensembles were qualified for the final.

The jury described the qualifying round as follows:

“This time there were fewer applicants for the Contest for Vocal Ensembles than in previous years, but the level was excellent, especially in foreign groups. There were fairly even applicants for the amplified and acoustic series, and especially in the latter, the Finnish bands were gratifyingly active. We are looking forward to an interesting and versatile contest in June!”

Ensembles qualified for the final

Acoustic ensembles
Aura (Finland)
HØST (Denmark)
Les Itinérantes (France)
Vala (Finland)

Amplified ensembles
Dopplers (Denmark)
Flok (Finland)
Just 6 (South Africa)
Leina (Suomi)
Others (Estonia)

The final will take place on 14-15 June 2023 at Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland.

Update 20 February 2023: One of the ensembles that qualified for the final, The New Standard (USA), has cancelled its participation. They have been substituted with Leina from Finland.

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